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Permanent Exhibits

The Read-cycling exhibit is a cornerstone of Timmy’s Town Center’s mission: reading is one of the most critical skills children learn. Reading stimulates imagination, encourages curiosity, and creates an understanding of relationships and an interest in the world around them. Early reading results in sizeable, significant advantages when children begin school.

Children in Arter Space are encouraged to use art in their creative play, helping them
to express their feelings and explore and learn about the world around them - both the real world and their imaginary one. Creative and expressive play promotes problem-solving, as well as knowledge about particular objects and the way the world works. It also encourages self-confidence and self-esteem.

Music can help in child’s learning and development - including language, listening, emotions, and movement. Music has always been one of the most important ways we communicate with each other and is part of the way children learn to understand their world. Music stimulates a child's brain with a combination of sound, rhythm and rhyme. Music and singing involve repetition, which is a key to learning because it helps strengthen the connections in a child’s brain.

Dress-Up games help develop communication skills as children find new ways to converse in their new roles, aiding their vocabulary development. The more a child plays dress-up, the more he improves his interpersonal skill. Contemporary and traditional dress-up play is equally important, as it helps children understand that cultures have a past, present and a future.

The Puppet Theater creates a fascinating imaginary world, and gives children the confidence to express their ideas and feelings. Puppets have the ability to break down barriers by providing an effective means to initiate communication. They are an ideal springboard for developing speaking and listening skills. Puppets cross all cultures and can be made to portray various characteristics and different personalities.

The Farmer’s Market promotes the learning of where food comes from, green living, local sourcing of food, and the appreciation of the local environment and local enterprise. Kids are encouraged to make healthy choices and get into the practice, early on, of consuming sensibly and sustainably. The Farmer’s Market is also a wonderful cultural resource; children can learn about foods favored by various cultures. The Farmer’s Market encourages math skills, such as sorting, counting, weighing and planning as kids make their selections for “tonight’s dinner.”

The Multicultural House is our newest permanent exhibit that debuted in November 2011 with the opening of our exhibit Glocalize: Globally Inspired. Locally Made. The life-size, life-like Multicultural House tangibly portrays how families of diverse cultures live, eat, dress, play, engage, etc. The House, which currently replicates and represents an authentic Mexican Hacienda, will showcase different cultures that rotate throughout the year.

The aim of the Multicultural House is to celebrate diverse cultures and their contributions. Multiculturalism is based on the idea that cultural identities should not be discarded or ignored, but rather maintained and valued. The foundation of this belief is that every culture, race and ethnicity has made a substantial contribution to American history.

In the Multicultural House, children immerse themselves in different cultures, get to know and come to appreciate the power of diversity by exploring the lives of “other” kids in their homes. The idea is that they learn about the culture by playing in the culture.

For educators, we've correlated our permanent exhibits to the PA Academic Standards.

Ongoing Exhibits

Inherited Heritage
We have been awarded a grant by the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Association for an exhibit entitled Inherited Heritage. Inherited Heritage celebrates our Native American heritage and explores its usage in and influence on modern society.

The exhibit’s aim is to tell children of our region’s Native American heritage and to appreciate and celebrate its influence in today’s world, particularly within our own community. Inherited Heritage will illustrate examples of Indian impact on local places, local produce and ideas that we apply locally. Additionally, Inherited Heritage will produce arts and craft projects that embody our Native American heritage. For example, the children will create a totem pole. Totem poles often celebrate local heritage, events and culture. This totem pole will result in a mosaic of stories depicting our Native American heritage, through the eyes of a child. The totem pole will be publically showcased for the community’s enjoyment and enrichment.

The Electric Grid
We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the Lackawanna County Office of Arts and Culture for the exhibit, The Electric Grid.

The Electric Grid will result in a large art installation created by children and constructed at Timmy’s Town Center. The installation will be a large grid-style mural of Scranton’s Electric City sign, using mixed media such as crayons, paint, yarn, stickers, glitter, buttons and even recyclables like wrappers, bottle caps, egg cartons, plastics and cardboard, to name a few. Under the direction of local educator and artist, Annette DePietro McDonough, the children will design a series of sections that, upon completion, will be pieced together to create the final work. The children will be encouraged to use their creativity with the available types of media, while being reminded that there is no wrong way to create the section.

Each square will appear abstract, until placed in its position on the grid mural. Little by little the children will witness their art come to life, creating confidence in their abilities and pride in their creativity. Participation in The Electric Grid will be interactive, enjoyable and memorable. Timmy’s Town Center understands play is a child’s work, and therefore we must make exploration and discovery fun.

Upcoming Exhibits

Stay tuned!

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