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What Strategies Can You Use Betting on Football?

Football is the most popular sport among players in bookmaker offices. And, of course, there are a lot of strategies for betting on football matches. Both strategies in pre-match stakes, and strategies for football in a live game. In this article, we will highlight the most popular and effective strategies for betting on football you can try using at https://bestsportsbetz.com/.

The Effectiveness of Football Strategies

To begin with, there are no win-win strategies for football (and indeed, for any other sport). However, strategy play increases the effectiveness of our bets, giving our game orderliness and increasing our chances of winning in the long run. It is also worth noting that the use of strategies for football is also good due to the fact that bookmakers provide the largest amounts for this sport. This is especially true of top-level matches, where in some offices the maximums amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn more about football betting strategies here.


Big highs are good for a whole group of football bets based on the Martingale strategy, or, as people say, the Dogon strategy. In the classic version of the Martingale strategy, each new bet doubles when the previous step (iteration) fails. If the rate coefficient does not suit, as often happens, the most popular rates are most often with a factor below 2, you can always slightly adjust this rate. Instead of a pure victory of the team, take a negative odds, add value to the total, and so on.

Oscar Grind

In addition to the classic version of the Martingale strategy, there are also modified strategies for betting on football, also based on the game of catch. For example, the strategy of Oscar Grind. The essence of the strategy - in obtaining a specific increase in profits. The main difference from the Martingale strategy is that we do not always increase the size of the bet when it loses. When using this strategy for football matches, the selection of the most appropriate events is important. This again can be totals or outcomes for specific teams and tournaments, or the same public beta.

Rate System 60%

Elements of the Martingale strategy are present in another football betting strategy called the Rate System “60%“. When choosing football matches for this betting strategy, you need to choose the most popular bets of the day with a high cross, reducing the probability of losing more than four times in a row, which is fatal for our bank when playing according to this strategy.

Danish System

The Danish betting system, or Danish strategy, is another kind of football betting based on the financial strategy of the Martingale. The difference is that the amount of rates grows in an arithmetic progression, and we can close in positive territory due to an increase in the coefficient of our rate. When selecting football matches for a game according to this strategy, you need to show imagination, since popular bets are not quite suitable for us when it comes to picking a bet with a high odds. You can "catch a sensation" and set against public bets. For example, betting on the failure of an obvious outsider against a big team. Also among the experienced players there are fans of catching the exact score of a football match. The Danish strategy is perfect in this case, since the bank according to this strategy can withstand a huge number of unsuccessful steps.

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